I got a great opportunity last week! I got invited by GOSH Cosmetics in Copenhagen! I’m an ambassador of GOSH and I’m glad that I got the chance to visit one of my favorite brands. I had an amazing 2 days and I thought it would be a great idea to show you some pictures when I was in Copenhagen.

I was with Silja which is also an ambassador of GOSH. We live in the same place in the Netherlands called Groningen, so we decided to travel together. Once we arrived at Schiphol, we felt a bit hungry so we went to look for some food. We saw these amazing looking sushi’s and I was getting even more hungry when I saw it. I wasn’t able to choose so I decided to take something else from the shop.

I wanted to keep it easy and decided to go for melon! I love me some fruit and the Cantaloupe melon slices looked very yummy! Toilet selfie! I was wearing my lip liner from Milani in Brandy. I also had a basic winged liner look and dark purple/blue nails. 

We needed to wait before we were able to get on the plane. We waited for an hour I think? Once we arrived at the Gates hall, we thought that we were able to look at some shops but honestly, the hall was so small! I think there were only 2 or maybe 3 shops. This was our plane to get to Copenhagen! This is how the inside looked liked. The chairs were very comfortable and I really have nothing bad to say about the plane. I had a great trip. The beautiful sky once we went up in the air. It was getting close to sunset but I got the chance to still take a picture of the beautiful clouds and blue sky. 

Just minutes after, the sky looked like this. I love the blue orange and yellow combination. It really reminded me of being in a plane and going on a holiday. It reminded me of when I went to Barcelona. Copenhagen was a bit more on the cold side Unfortunately ^^

Flying above Denmark! Beautiful city lights. We got picked up at the airport and we were driven to our hotel immediately. This is how my room looked like and I thought it looked awesome! I love the wooden wall in combination with white sheets and blue pillows. I love these kind of fresh looks. The bed felt amazing too! This is how my bathroom looked like. Just some snacks to welcome us at the hotel. I have to say that the crisps were finished within 2 minutes. I was very hungry lol.
Walking around the city of Copenhagen while we were on our way to have dinner in a restaurant. We had dinner at a place called Cafe Norden. It really reminded me of “News Cafe” in Groningen so I really had a good feeling about the Cafe immediately. We started with a drink and I had a homemade lemonade with ice and mint. Not just the look of the drink was awesome but the taste of the drink it self as well.
I went for the beefburger and potatoes. I wasn’t expecting for it to be that big but who cares? I enjoyed every moment of it. 

After dinner, we went back to the Hotel. I took a shower and just relaxed before I went to sleep. So this is basically how day 1 was. I already had a great day 1 and was excited for day 2 to start.

I will upload day 2 very soon! Hope you’re excited to see it as I’m excited to show you 🙂