Hi, My name is Mattania Morris and I’m the girl behind my blog. I live in the Netherlands and I’m a 24 year old that has made her dream come true! With my graphic designing background I was able to show my passion in art on the internet. Inspiring is something I love to do and I’m greatful that I can share that with people all over the world. For me, it’s not about competition, it’s about opening our inner creativity together by sharing the things that we love to do.

In 2009, nail art was becoming a very big trend and when I heard about it, I got so fascinated. I thought’ “How is that kind of beauty of art able to be shown on nails?” I knew that I wanted to challenge myself and do that to. I started to practice and I knew I started to fall in love. I wanted to show my creativity and share it with people, and that‘s when the life of Creativenailart started in 2010. This is something I still do but my passion for traveling and photography has been growing over the years. Now that we are in 2017, I’ve started my own travel blog and got my own fashion brand. Mattania.shop launched in 2016 and I create my own designs for all my fashion items. I love spending my time creating new ideas everyday. The most important what inspires me for creating new designs in traveling the world. From patterns, landscapes to colors. Traveling really motivates me and makes me feel creative by seeing all different kinds of countries.

Glad you hopped by and I’m wishing you lots of fun reading my blog!