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in Travel

Day 1 & 2 in Albufeira

Nikita and I have been friends for over 13 years now and we have never been on vacation together. Time for a change! so we finally had the chance to go to Portugal together. A place we’ve never been but…

in Travel

A place called Ameland

A year that vacation wasn’t the biggest priority due to a lot of busy things happening at that moment but that doesn’t stop me to search for a beach and enjoying the sun. If you want to enjoy a good…

in Health, Travel

Staying fit while traveling

Obsessed with working out but you want to travel around the world? That is possible! People think that it’s very difficult to travel while having a work out routine. It can be difficult when it comes to “mentally”. Not everyone…

in Travel

Valencia day 3,4 & 5

Part 2 of Valencia! I’m still in the vacation mood and I’m starting to get addicted to it. For today, I will show you how day 3,4 and 5 went. I do have to WARN you before opening this post. There…

in Travel

Valencia day 1 & 2

I haven’t been on vacation in the year 2014 and told my self that I needed to visit some places in 2015. I got the chance to visit London again, Copenhagen, Paris and Antwerp. It was time to visit the…

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Antwerp! My boyfriend and I went to visit Antwerp about a week ago. Antwerp sounds like a very fun city when it comes to shopping, but is there anything else you can do in Antwerp besides shopping? I looked on…

in Travel

Copenhagen with GOSH 2

It’s time to show day 2 from my trip to Copenhagen. The 2nd day was very active but relaxing at the same time. We went to visit the GOSH office and met some lovely people from there as well. 

in Travel

Copenhagen with GOSH

I got a great opportunity last week! I got invited by GOSH Cosmetics in Copenhagen! I’m an ambassador of GOSH and I’m glad that I got the chance to visit one of my favorite brands. I had an amazing 2…